Prevent Root Rot with Hygrozyme

What is Root Rot?

Root rot is a common problem for hydroponic growers, mainly caused by poor aeration. Signs of root rot include soft brown roots instead of firm white roots.

It is extremely difficult to reverse the effects of root rot for plants. Once root rot develops, it could ultimately kill your plant or, at a minimum, could severely hinder the plants’ ability to absorb water and nutrients – resulting in poor growth and low yields.

Preventing root rot in any grow system is a smart investment.

How to Prevent Root Rot?

Hygrozyme prevents root rot by providing a cleaner, more vigorous root zone through accelerating the break down of dead roots, which would otherwise be a welcoming environment for root rot. It also improves drainage and aeration by removing organic matter in the growing media and stimulating microbial growth. Improved drainage and aeration means that chances of root rot are dramatically decreased.

How to Fix Root Rot with Hygrozyme?

Although Hygrozyme does not cure diseases, it assists in reversing damage from root rot. To fix root rot, use Hygrozyme with your feed while you remove the affected roots and improve the aeration and/or drainage. The enzymes in Hygrozyme continually work at breaking down dead organic matter to prevent root rot from further developing.

Where to Buy

Use Hygrozyme to protect your plants from root rot. Find Hygrozyme at your closest hydro store today.