Types of Root Systems in Plants

A Breakdown of Root Types & How They Contribute to Healthy Plant Growth


What is a Root System?

If anything within the system fails to provide the necessary supply of water, oxygen and nutrients, plants will suffer almost immediately. A hydroponic system does not have the ability to store water, nutrients and oxygen like traditional soil can.

What Types of Root Systems Are There?

There are predominately 2 main types of root systems: taproot and fibrous.

Dicots form a taproot system which consists of one main root, called the taproot. A taproot grows vertically into the growing medium and is usually deep-rooted. It is supported by smaller branch roots that grow from it.

Monocots form a fibrous root system and does not have a main root. The roots are thinner and grow closer to the surface of the growing medium.


Monocot vs Dicot Root Systems


Although cannabis plants are dicots, they can develop both root systems. When the plant is grown from seed, it will develop a taproot system. If the plant is a clone, then the roots resemble more of a fibrous root system.

Since taproots are typically stronger and grow more vigorously than fibrous roots, cannabis plants grown from seed are healthier and more resilient.


“The most important part of your crop starts from it’s roots. If they’re not clean and strong, your plants won’t reach their full genetic potential.”


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